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Original outline application P1009/09/OUT for Phase 1 consisting of 200 houses, 4 hectares of employment land to include a new finishing shop and offices and demolition of foundry. Consented 12/02/2010.


Detailed reserved matters application P0075/10/APP, P0886/10/APP Phase 1 as above. Originally refused but won at appeal. Constructed complex deal between land owner, Local Authority, main contractor, Homes England, Bromford Housing Association and private funders. Seven sets of solicitors, detailed security priorities, overages. The deal unlocked the first phase of a new 1,800 unit urban extension by offering Local Authority 120 social houses (60%) on an employment allocation in order to satisfy its primary corporate objective. This was funded by a significant Homes England grant (NAHP and K2), which not only gap funded the transfer of social units to the registered provider, but also funded the construction of a new 40m roundabout on the local by-pass plus new spine road which were critical to creating a gateway to this new allocation. 

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