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Full Tyneside Planning Application Submitted


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Proven track record of delivering successful land regeneration.

Land & Development Advisory Limited (LDA) is the property services vehicle of land regeneration professionals specialising in enablement of development land and in executive development. We have a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes over the last 25 years.

We focus on previously developed (‘brownfield’) land, taking often derelict and redundant land, with little demand for previous employment generating uses, back into good and modern economic use. 


We seek to work closely with the local community, Local Authority and other stakeholders to produce plans in consultation with stakeholders for which there is a local demand and which are economically viable. We want to ensure that any plans are deliverable, and as such that they generate sufficient revenue to enable the development land, i.e. demolish dilapidated buildings, remediate (resolve contamination issues) and create a suitable building platform. 


We are a facilitator of high quality solutions focussing on deliverable and profitable exit strategies. Both fully developing large scale mixed use schemes and presentation of 'oven ready' product to the house-building, care and retail sectors. We act both on our own sites and for third party land owners.


Often this will involve taking complex regeneration land holdings and resolving planning, highways, ecological, landscaping, engineering, contamination, S106, CIL and viability issues, and creating readily deliverable residential and employment opportunities, creating a high quality sense of place and public realm, and providing good quality housing and market facing employment generating product.


Please contact LDA to (1) request assistance with your own property development needs, (2) discuss our current schemes, or (3) offer us development land opportunities.