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Hebburn News


Nov 2018 - Former Hawthorn Leslie Shipyard purchased by Hebburn Riverside Developments Limited (HRDL).

Nov 2018 - Mines & Minerals Rights acquired from Carr Ellison Estates by HRDL.

Jan 2019 - Land & Development Advisory Limited (LDA) instructed by HRDL to review options and promote the site for redevelopment.

Jan 2019 - Full design team appointed.

Feb 2019 - Formal pre-application meeting held with South Tyneside Council Local Planning Authority (LPA) to discuss options. Council officers made crystal clear that mud flats and salt marshes must be protected and therefore no access to the river was permitted, thus preventing any port and marine uses.

Mar 2019 - Site meeting with planning case officer and ecology officer made crystal clear that no site clearance and no demolition and no works of any sort were permissible in any way until the end of the bird breeding season at the end of summer.

Apr 2019 - Formal pre-application response received from LPA.

Jun 2019 - Completion of bat surveys, breeding bird surveys, invertebrate surveys. Structural investigation and demolition report instructed.

Jul 2019 - Presentation and q&a with councillors and senior officers at Hebburn Central. Please see the presentation:-

Aug 2019 - Scoping report issued to LPA and Environment Agency (EA).

Oct -2019 - Community Consultation Event at Wardles Pub to explain site constraints, present evolving proposals and invite feedback. It was explained that the site and buildings are highly hazardous both structurally and in terms of contamination, and due to extremely high costs of demolition, decontamination and reclamation of over £3M, with no public subsidy available, and given that there is no demand for any commercial use whatsoever, especially with no access the the river, there were two simple alternatives. (1) The site stays in its current state of dereliction for another 15 years or (2) The LPA permits a residential use which is the only use which will pay for the abnormal costs described above.

Oct 2019 - Site clearance and vegetation cut back. Local, regional and national review of marine engineering uses and general employment land study completed. Acoustic and air quality surveys completed.

Nov 2019 - Community Consultation Event at Wardles Pub to present an update having taken into account all points raised at the previous event, and to explain the proposal again to those unable to attend the first event.

Nov 2019 - Enhanced security works undertaken. Additional breeding bird surveys completed.

Dec 2019 - Following receipt of results of detailed ground and building investigations, and costing of the findings, including a revetment wall required for the traditional housing solution and deep piled foundations due to poor ground conditions, alongside huge demolition, decontamination and reclamation costs, it was determined that the traditional housing solution would not generate sufficient value to cover these costs. Hence DLA Design (, a highly regarded expert in urban regeneration, was employed to completely re-look at the site with a view to developing a scheme which would generate sufficient value to cover the abnormal costs.

Jan 2020 - Topographical and laser survey completed.

Feb 2020 - Further structural assessment and geotechnical analysis undertaken. Partial demolition due to fallen and failed structure arising from storm/wind damage.

Feb 2020 - DLA completes detailed historical and environmental research and produces a first draft of an extremely high quality design with a mixture of apartments, family housing and starter units, which embraces the ecology rather than is constrained by the ecology, and is designed to create an exceptional landmark new riverside community in Hebburn, unlike anything else seen in the town, with architecturally significant and beautiful new spaces and places to attract anyone from first time buyers to down-sizers to the riverside. The proposed development is named Kelly’s Yard in honour of Lord Louis Mountbatten’s WWII Destroyer. Please take the time to download and digest DLA’s presentation document below:-

Feb 2020 - The DLA document is shared with LPA senior officers, members and local community stakeholders for consideration and feedback. Those understanding the site and its history well understand that since the site is, most importantly, extremely dangerous and, secondly, will have a significant adverse impact on the surrounding house prices, it’s imperative that the LPA acknowledges that a marine, port or general commercial solution is as unrealistic in the next 15 years as it has been in the last 15 years, and therefore supports a residential led regeneration of the site. We are awaiting feedback on this point as promised by LPA senior officers very soon.


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