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Scheme Benefits

  • Financial security for the Ageas Bowl, supporting the long term success of this world class international sporting venue.

  • New car-park to the east of the Ageas Bowl with direct access from Botley Road. Low impact ecologically friendly reinforced mesh grassed surface. This car park, combined with a new car park on Charles Watts for coach arrivals, provides extra on-site car parking capacity for the busiest events, reducing pressure on the the neighbouring roads and using ANPR technology to reduce traffic backing up on the road network.

  • The new eastern carpark allows vehicle and pedestrian arrivals to be deconflicted. Previously both arrived via Marshall Drive, now just pedestrians and segregated permitted residents will arrive via Marshall Drive.

  • S106 Agreement will deliver significant funds to local areas of need. A management planning will be provided.

  • The new housing will deliver a full range of accessible new homes, from two bedroomed apartments to five bedroomed family homes, weighed towards smaller homes.

  • A new 71 bed care home in a beautiful and secluded location will contribute significantly to the borough shortfall of and growing demand for high quality elderly care. Beautiful landscaped gardens will offer lovely amenity space.

  • Removal of the original processional walkway allows retention of all categories A trees.

  • The scheme offers significant ecological benefits via 15% biodiversity new gain (BNG).

  • A generously sized health hub will cater for a full range of medical needs, including pharmacy, physio, baby scanning and private doctor appointments. Even the private elements will reduce pressure on local NHS services.

  • Cricket club maintenance facilities will also be enlarged and better organised, to accommodate the pitch cover and additional machinery, and it’s hoped that a new pavilion will emerge in due course.

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